Glasgow, site of the first all steel bridge in the world, built by Gen. WM. S. Smith, Engr 1879 for C. & A.R.R. replaced 1900 for heavier traffic.

Glasgow, founded 1836. Successor to Old Chariton 1817, Monticello 1829, Thorntonsburg 1832, each abandoned because of disease or location. Land bought from Talton Turner & Jas. Earickson for $2758. Proprietors Jos. A. Blackwell, John Bull, Thos. N. Cockerill, Stephen Donohoe, W.M. F. Dunnica, Jas. Earickson, Richard Earickson, Jas. Glasgow (town bears his name) Jas. Head, C. W. D. Johnson, WM. D . Swinney, Talton Turner & Tho S. White 1st. Lots sold Sept 10th 1836.  INC. Feb. 27, 1845.  Early settlers from KY, Tenn & VA.

Glasgow, by 1860 a major shipping & distributing center.  Fortunes made in tobacco, hemp & wheat.  Heavy river traffic-wharves from Bear to Gregg’s Creeks. Plank road from Glasgow to Huntsville 1853-1863. Cost $84,000.  Tri-Weekly stage to St. Louis 1837, fare $10.  Post office, Sept. 27th 1837, Telegraph 1852.
Glasgow, 1861-65 much guerrilla activity notably that of Bill Anderson, Battle of Glasgow, Oct 15, 1864. Union forces held town detatched of 43rd MO Volunteers & parts of other units commanded by Col. Chester Harding.  Confederate forces across river commanded by Gen Joe Shelby: those to the east & south under Gen. J. B. Clark & Col. S.D. Jackman. Union gun boat, west wing, sunk at foot of Market St, city hall with Union munitions & area to south destroyed by fire.  Confederate victory.  Monument 3rd & Howard Street, site of Union trenches near St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Glasgow, Early education center, Glasgow female seminary 1849, Pritchett College 1866-1917.  Rev. J.D Swinney founder, local artist & donor of city part, Cornelia Kuemmel.  Taught here, Lewis College 1867-91; donated Lewis Library 1866, oldest west of the Miss River, donated by Benj. W. Lewis & family & Maj. Jas. W. Lewis.

Glasgow, site of many old businesses, homes, churches, Methodis church oldest, 1844, used as hospital in civil war.  Henderson drug store 1841, oldest one family drug store west of the Mississippi River operated by 6th generation. 

Glasgow 20th century.  Glasgow Sand Co. 1915.  Landon Laird Hotel, formerly adgate 1923.  Glasgow Co-op Ass’n Est. 1923.  Highway bridge first free over Missouri River 1925.  Monnig Ind. 1956.  Outgrowth of Rall Bros. , 1887, Ed. S. Maupin LBR, 1943.  Hawthorn Co, 1959. Dist. office K.C. Power & Light Co. Area office U.S. Engineers.