Lewis Library

The original library was housed on the second floor of the present building. Two large tables and their chairs still remain from the original furniture. Also on the second floor, the original librarian desk can be seen. It was originally located in the outer room. Finally, hanging on the south wall is a portrait of Benjamin Lewis, the library's founder.

Original Library Room
Battle Flag display

In 1861, the citizens of Missouri were trying to decide whether to secede or remain in the Union. The State held a convention to settle the matter. The Ladies of Glasgow presented a flag to the Union candidates of the senatorial district. Ex-governor Sterling Price received the flag for the candidates.

The flag is made from Ms. Jennie Nash's blue silk dress and the red and white satin, which was donated by other women. Dr. Vaughn made the silver stars and motto from gold paper.

When General Price eventually decided to support the Confederate side, it was requested that the Home Guard be allowed to use the flag. It was carried by the Guard into the Battle of Glasgow in 1864.

There are several display cases in the upstairs area. (Right) Two cases of wooden cups made of various woods, were carved by Mr. Wengler.
Wooden Cups
Pulpit built by Ed Wengler
(Left) A pulpit, built by Mr. Ed Wengler, a local furniture builder and funeral director, was used at the Northern Methodist Church. The bowl was made from wood from the Plank Road which ran from Glasgow to Huntsville from 1853 to 1864.
(Right) A portrait of the library's founder, Benjamin Lewis.
Portrait of Ben Lewis
We would like to thank you for your interest in the Glasgow Public Library. Please stop by and visit our treasures in person!
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